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Feel like you are working more than living? Want to spend more time with friends and family laughing, having fun and making memories?

Did you know that according to The Canadian Mental Health Association, almost one quarter of Canadians report a high degree of life stress? The Task Fairy can help relieve this by providing a selection of services that best fits your needs.

The Task Fairy is a sole-proprietorship company. The owner, Alicia Neil, will perform all services required with an extensive background helping others.

The Task Fairy provides tasks, errands, shopping and personal assistance services to busy individuals in the Greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley of British Columbia. The services will include, but are not limited to, parcel/dry cleaning pick up/drop off, home/office organization, drafting of documents and other correspondence, dog walking, personal/child pick up and drop off, house sitting, waiting for phone or cable hookup and/or repair, schedule keeping, providing accompaniment to meetings, help with Resumes and/or Cover Letters, driving to appointments...etc. Services will be based on packages at a minimum of 3 hours. The customer can select one of several packages containing bundles of services, or they can simply call in to The Task Fairy with a list of their specific needs, and Alicia will design a unique package that will suit the customer’s individual requirements.

Too many people feel like their work-life balance is skewed. They want to spend more time with friends and family but feel they just can’t find the time to do so! Give yourself the gift of time, The Task Fairy is here to help make that happen and help add time to busy people’s lives.

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